offers high quality printing and embroidery on clothing - both purchased from us and entrusted by you! Our technological facilities allow us to decorate clothing in many ways - from polyurethane film through DTF printing and screen printing to prestigious embroidery. More about the technologies we use in our company below.

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Computer embroidery is one of the most popular and versatile methods of decorating textile products, applicable in the clothing industry. We offer our customers assistance in selecting the optimal size of embroidery, its location and choice of colors. In order to meet their requirements and demand, we pay particular attention to the production of company emblems, patches and shields, which has become one of our specialties. It is possible to create patches with Velcro or foil for pressing. In the production process we rely exclusively on the highest quality threads from the German company MADEIRA. Most of the other materials and embroidery accessories come from European Union countries, which allows us to guarantee their excellent quality.

Thermal transfer screen printing


Printing is done by screen printing on paper or transfer film. A powdered adhesive is applied to the product, after which the whole thing is heated in a heating tunnel. After this operation, the print is transferred to the target substrate (T-shirt, cap, etc.) on a transfer press. Prints made with this technology perfectly reproduce details, are smooth and pleasant to the touch, but also extremely durable.

Polyurethane film


Polyurethane flex film is a type of special transfer film designed for printing on various types of fabrics. It consists of a proper film and a transparent film, which activates in the process of transfer under the influence of temperature. With the help of the foil we transfer inscriptions, vector graphics or company logos onto fabrics. We cut the graphics from the foil on a cutting plotter in mirror image, removing with a knife the unnecessary elements remaining after cutting out the desired shape. Then we transfer the image onto the fabric. With each foil, we use different temperature settings and different pressure, depending on the type of transfer.



This printing technique allows you to transfer any image onto a textile substrate. The print prepared on a special DTF film is sprinkled with powdered adhesive is heated in an oven and then transferred to the garment. This is a new, innovative technology that features excellent color reproduction and durability.



Printing technology made with special inks on sublimation transfer paper and then indented on a press. This technology allows permanent printing on polyester garments and gadgets with polyester coating (such as mugs).



Prints are cut along the outline. After removing the superfluous film, a transport film is applied to the textiles. The print is then transferred on a transfer press. This technology ensures vivid colors and excellent durability. Write to us!

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